The good bits 

  • It is a really worthwhile job – you are helping to save the planet!
  • There is a lot of variety in what you do
  • There is so much to discover – you never stop learning!
  • It’s great spending a lot of time outside in nature and important for your mental health
  • People help each other to do well
  • You can gain many transferable skills and an ability to think outside the box that is really valued by employers
  • If you are passionate about a particular subject and you are willing to learn more about it as time goes on, you can become a specialist in your field and be much in demand.

The not-so-good bits 

  • Other people could see you as a bit weird or a tree hugger – do you really care?
  • If your job involves working outside you can end up getting wet a lot! But you can also spend your day in beautiful surroundings seeing amazing plants, animals and landscapes…
  • Hours can be ‘unsociable’ – sometimes work has to be done in the evenings or weekends (e.g., bat surveys) and the summer months are always busy!
  • You may be asked to travel long distances from home and potentially stay overnight
  • The pay isn’t always good – but is getting better (and gets much better as you proress your career)
  • Getting that first job can be tough – get all the help and advice you can 
  • Some of the language or jargon used can be confusing at first
  • It is currently not a very diverse industry – but is really trying to change

We definitely think the good bits are worth striving for. Have a good look at the job profiles on this website and start thinking about the roles that really call out to you. If you don’t like being outside, think about an office-based job (just as important) for example. The most important thing is that you find out as much information about the roles that inspire you as possible and, if you can, talk to people who do that job and get the lowdown from them. Professional bodies can often help here through their mentoring schemes and careers outreach work.

Nature needs you!