We provide this website because we care about nature, and we care about people having decent jobs that can help tackle the nature crisis and also help us to adapt to climate change.  

We also provide this website because we want more people to know that there are good souls out there doing great stuff for nature. And we need more of them – and it could be you! 

If you do decide to have a job that helps deliver great stuff for nature, we hope that you will become a member of CIEEM. We provide support through training and networking, events and guidance throughout your career. You can check us out at www.cieem.net 

CIEEM is working with a number of organisations, employers, and professional bodies to raise awareness of job opportunities in the natural environment sector. Working with nature and for organisations that help to protect nature is inspiring, rewarding, and important work. Our partners and supporters are also committed to making green jobs for nature accessible to people from all backgrounds as we seek to create a more diverse and inclusive sector.