The roles in this job type are very varied, though much is journalism related – PR and social media work, magazine and online article writing, editorial work for books, campaigning, wildlife photography, and crew and presenters for wildlife/environmental film, television, radio, and podcasts.  

Read below for information on media and comms roles across the employment sectors or browse all media and comms job profiles.

Public Sector Media and Comms

Public sector media workers may find themselves working in PR for statutory conservation agencies, national parks authorities, and local authorities. They may also run events and public outreach campaigns or help run visitor centres in settings such as parks and nature reserves. These roles are crucial to communicating environmental information to the public.  

Private Sector Media and Comms

Many wildlife photographers and writers of books and articles may be self-employed or work on commission. Most researchers, producers, crew, and presenters for wildlife television, films, radio, and podcasts will also work in the private sector. Enviromental private sector businesses have PR and communications roles for public engagement.  

NGO Media and Comms

NGO media and communications workers will often write articles, website content, press releases, and materials for campaigns. Social media management is also common in this sector. Additionally, they may run campaigns which can include public engagement events.  


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