Project Managers are either employed for a specific length of time (often several years) to manage a specific project or they may be employed permanently and move from managing one project to another as the employer needs.

Typically, they have good organisational skills, are good communicators and work well with other organisations and people who are involved in the project (often called stakeholders). The work is usually focused on achieving a particular set of goals or targets, known as the outcomes of the project.

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Public Sector Project Managers

Project managers working in the public sector might be employed to deliver a specific time-limited and funding-limited piece of work, working with other colleagues or departments within the organisation and often with external partners.

Private Sector Project Managers

Private sector organisations are increasingly employing project managers with good organizational skills to manage complex pieces of work, with the different activities being undertaken by a number of different people with relevant skills. The project manager won’t necessarily be an expert in the work involved but will excel at organizing resources and people to get the project done.

NGO Project Managers

NGOs often apply for and receive funding for specific conservation projects and initiatives, for example working to restore a damaged river habitat, mapping the distribution of a particular species, or working with volunteers to survey coastal habitats. Funding is often from 1 – 5 years. The project manager will be focused on delivering this work, including communicating with project partners and funders and getting people involved.

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