What employment sector do you work in?

Private/Consultancy Sector

How long have you had a green job for nature?

27 years

Salary Range

£40,000 – £50,000

Please describe the work that you do.

In my role, I oversee a dynamic team of eight environmental consultants dedicated to addressing climate change and combatting nature loss through the extensive restoration of degraded peatlands. I help landowners restore peatlands by mapping opportunities, designing projects, applying for grants, and managing the process from start to finish. I also ensure projects meet the IUCN Peatland Code standards.

What do you most like about your job? Any dislikes?

My career is enriched by its diverse array of tasks and activities, ensuring that each day remains engaging. The opportunity to explore remote regions of Scotland and encounter its diverse wildlife while contributing to the restoration of its natural beauty and wildness is particularly fulfilling. Collaborating with various organizations to accelerate peatland restoration efforts on a grand scale has been an inspiring facet of my role. Knowing that I am actively contributing to addressing climate change and the preservation of nature fuels my enthusiasm.

What inspired you into this career? 

My journey into this profession was catalysed by 25 years of experience in nature conservation in South Africa. Seeking new horizons, my family and I decided to relocate to Scotland, driven by the aspiration to apply the skills honed in South African conservation to restore Scotland’s natural landscapes, while also embarking on a journey of personal and professional growth.

Have you faced any challenges in progressing your career so far? 

The most substantial hurdle I’ve encountered in this profession was the process of establishing myself in a new country. This involved building new networks, adapting to the nuances of environmental legislation in the UK, gaining an in-depth understanding of local ecosystems, flora, and fauna, and immersing myself in the dynamics of Scotland’s rural landscapes and the key stakeholders within them.

What education/training did you have?

My educational foundation comprises a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Nature Conservation, awarded by the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Western Cape, South Africa. Since starting my work in peatland restoration, I’ve been fortunate enough to attend training sessions through the Crighton Carbon Centre’s Peatland Action program. These sessions have covered topics such as developing restoration projects, assessing peatland conditions, and conducting feasibility studies. Additionally, I’ve received ongoing training from Peatland Action on topics like spatial data mapping, project development, and even risk assessments for peat slides.

What advice would you give to someone coming into the profession? 

For those contemplating entry into this field, I wholeheartedly encourage you to seize the opportunity. This profession offers a profound sense of fulfillment as you witness tangible progress towards ambitious climate and nature recovery goals. Working together with talented individuals and utilizing a broad spectrum of expertise to create meaningful change in the field is truly valuable. It is a space where your unique abilities may be the key to unlocking unprecedented success.

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