What employment sector do you work in?

Private Sector

How long have you had a green job for nature?

35 years

Salary Range

Not Available

Please describe the work that you do.

I started my career at the Woodland Trust managing and sourcing woodlands to purchase, including working with professionals, volunteers and communities. I am now an ecologist in a consultancy – we do surveys, reporting, habitat creation, mapping etc. working alongside Landscape Architects, Masterplanners & Urban Designers, Heritage & Archaeologist experts, and Arboriculturalists. I manage one of our regional teams as well as contribute to the day-to-day business of the company. I love my job!

What do you most like about your job? Any dislikes?

The people in the team and the company and the surveys – being out in the field.

What inspired you into this career? 

I have always loved being outdoors in natural places – I didn’t realise it could be a career, of a qualification until we had a very enthusiastic temporary geography teacher in six form who taught ecology, bio-geography and all things soils, plants, ecosystems etc.

Have you faced any challenges in progressing your career so far? 

Much of my training for the specialist areas of my job now as an ecologist involved a lot of my own time in evenings and weekends as a volunteer to accrue enough experience – not easy with a young family, but very rewarding.

The best bit of the job is when you are out in the field surveying – this is often at night or early morning, many hours and sometimes a long way from home – I love this side of the job but it doesn’t work for everyone.

You also have to be fit and like driving – again not right for all.

What education/training did you have?

A levels – Biology, Geography, Chemistry (and Art)
BSc Environmental Science
MSc Land Resource Planning
(& in while working – Arb Level 4 Diploma, Natural England licences for Great Crested Newts, Bats and Dormouse & Field Identification Skills Certificate Level 4)

What advice would you give to someone coming into the profession? 

Be open-minded about what part of the green sector you want to work in – you can change direction later, once you discover what’s out there.
Persevere – it takes tenacity and persistence.
Be adaptable and you will learn quickly
Make the most of everyone you meet in the sector – as a volunteer and when working – they will help you and love to share their knowledge if you listen and they know so much!
Be brave & embrace a career in the Green sector – you won’t regret it if it is for you.

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