Over the past few months, we have been building this new website to raise awareness of the wide range of careers in ecology and the environmental sector. Whilst other websites are promoting ‘green jobs’, this website focuses on the ‘nature’ side of green jobs – roles that directly contribute to managing, protecting and restoring our natural world.

The twin environmental crises of biodiversity loss and climate change mean that the work of those involved in ecology and environmental management is ever more important. Yet we are facing a skills shortage. We need more young people to join us by choosing a ‘green job for nature’ career, and we particularly need people from currently under-represented backgrounds who can bring their talents, skills and enthusiasm to these roles.

But one of the challenges we face is that Green Jobs for Nature career opportunities are often invisible to young people.

This is our opportunity to tackle these challenges and create a profession that promotes opportunities for all in collaboration with key partners and stakeholders.

Through working in partnership, we aim to reach out to young people from all backgrounds across the whole of the UK and Ireland to encourage them to consider a career working to help protect and restore nature.

Whether you are a potential career changer or a young person looking at what opportunities might exist for your future, we hope that you find this website useful. We would love to hear from you about further information and resources that might help you. Most of all, we hope you will be inspired!

Feel free to contact us at info@greenjobsfornature.org