Green Jobs for Nature

Green Jobs for Nature (GJfN) is our new campaign to make careers geared towards restoring and replenishing our natural environment more visible and achievable for all those thinking about their future work. Whether a potential career changer or a young person thinking about what the future of their job might look like, we want to make it much easier to find out about the kinds of roles that exist, what they do, and how to get them.

Our new Green Jobs for Nature website is full of information about:

  • The types of roles out there
  • The variety of employers and employment sectors
  • Education and training options
  • What employers are looking for and how to make a CV that stands out
  • The good and the challenging bits about the industry
  • And how issues such as equality, diversity and inclusion are being tackled

Are you working in a green job for nature role?

We need your help. We want to showcase the variety of roles out there and the valuable work you do  – as told by you. So we are on a mission to gather job profiles which reflect these diverse roles.

If you can help by filling in the simple job profile form below describing your current job, including a photo of you (preferably a close-up of you at work) then please do so today so we can add your job profile to the website.

We are also looking for photo and video submissions, so there is an option on the form for you to tick if you are interested in uploading these to showcase your work visually!

Green Jobs for Nature – Job Profiles

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