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Seawilder job profile video transcript:

My job is wonderful. I work for a community-led marine habitat restoration charity called Seawilding*. We’re trying to rebuild the seabed essentially, and the two species we’re using to do that at the moment, are native oysters and seagrass.

All the way from when I was a teenager through university I sort of pledged that I would have an outdoorsy job, an exciting job, a job where I was hopefully doing a little bit of good.

I do anything from designing and building our website all the way through to scrubbing oyster cages, which is less fun sometimes and harvesting seagrass, planting seagrass — it’s a massively varied job.

For me, it’s the dream job. If I won the lottery, I would still do this. I would just be better funded doing this. I do Seawilding because I want to be a really good ancestor to the future generations. We have the remnants of such incredible places to be.

There is no finer habitat to be swimming around in. And the fact we’ve got so little of it. That is such a wonderful motivation to do what I do and to look forward and think I hope the work we’re doing in a hundred or a thousand years’ time is really appreciated because it’s transformed our environment by then.

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*Seawildling is a marine-related play on the conservation biology concept of ‘rewilding’.

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