What employment sector do you work in?

Private Sector

How long have you had a green job for nature?

6 years

Please describe the work that you do.

I have been on the Project Management team for some of our largest projects including ancient woodland translocation and the construction of a large number of ecological mitigation sites. The role includes a lot of documentation management; finance forecasting and management; consistent and professional communication with our stakeholders; resourcing suppliers, subcontractors and materials; and most importantly making sure everyone understands and implements health and safety requirements.

What do you most like about your job? Any dislikes?

I really enjoy the variety of my role. From working on small projects helping to translocate water voles in Essex, to standing on site and watching a ballet of excavators and dumpers moving hundreds of tons of ancient soils, no two days are the same. Meeting new and existing clients and creating lasting relationships with them also invigorates and motivates me. The people I work with are also very important. We have a great team at Thomson Environmental Consultants and I have been fortunate enough to watch the Habitats team grow from a small team of 3-4 people, up to a team of over 20.

What inspired you into this career? 

I have had a passion for nature ever since I was a young lad. The Grandfather of the natural world, Sir David Attenborough, and I share our birthday and I remember watching him as a boy, knowing that working with and in nature is where I wanted to be. Life led me down a different path to start with but thankfully after a long stint working in the defence sector, I was fortunate enough to be able to make the transition to this industry and have never looked back.

Have you faced any challenges in progressing your career so far? 

My career to date has been very varied, from defence to ecology and a myriad of other industries and roles. The challenges have ranged from bad mental health to feeling directionless, but I have managed to keep pushing forward and overcoming the difficulties which has enabled me to find a strength in myself that has helped push me on to the role I have today and to enjoying the work I do. I am grateful for the challenges as they have given me opportunities to grow and learn.

What education/training did you have?

I have a BSc in Entertainment Technology which is little to no use in this industry but has given me the tools to be able to learn, absorb and implement new skills and strategies in my career.

Through my role at Thomson, I have gained a number of qualifications including: Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS), APMF (Association of Project Management Fundamentals), Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) qualification, Mental Health First Aid and a range of other certificates and courses.

What advice would you give to someone coming into the profession? 

Be passionate, be open to learning, be diligent and honest. When I applied for the role at Thomson I had little background in the environmental sector but during my interview I detailed why I wanted to work in the industry, why I was the right fit for the role and how I would be willing to take on all that was expected of me. Thankfully my interviewers saw my passion and drive and gave me the opportunity to prove myself.

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