There is now a bank of over 90 job profiles on Green Jobs for Nature, which is still growing. These job profiles have been written and kindly submitted by people already working in the sector, reflecting a variety of roles and experiences and offering advice to anyone who is interested in the sector.

If you’re looking to get into the sector or researching careers that benefit nature, these job profiles can help you to:

  • Learn about the range of roles available, the various job titles and what these roles involve
  • Understand how roles may vary across the public sector, private sector and NGOs
  • Understand the range of salaries that may be expected across different roles and at different levels of experience
  • Find out what people working in Green Jobs for Nature roles like and dislike about their jobs, what inspired them, and what education, training or experiences led them into their jobs
  • Find out about the challenges that people have faced in progressing their careers, how they overcame these and any advice they would give to someone entering their profession
  • Check out any blogs or social media links that are used for education or influence

Here are a few different ways to browse these job profiles.

Browse all job profiles

Not sure which career area or employment sector really interests you? You can browse all job profiles in one:

Filter profiles by career area

Our careers pages can be accessed via the menu and give an overview of the main career areas or categories. Within these categories, job titles vary and some jobs involve a mixture of work that crosses into multiple categories. These categories currently include:

Use the links above to view profiles in these categories across all sectors, or filter down by role and sector at the same time, via the careers pages.

For example, via the Ecologists page, you can read more about the difference between ecology roles across employment sectors. Then, read job profiles provided by people working in ecology-related roles specifically in the public sector, private sector or NGOs.

Browse profiles by sector

Learn more about the different employment sectors and the people working in them, to get a better idea of the range of roles available in each sector and what the different employment sectors are like. These pages are also accessible via the menu.

Look out for social media updates

We will also be featuring job profiles as well as photos and videos from people working in these jobs on our linktree and social media pages so watch this space!

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