In 2019, a Policy Exchange survey identified the environment and sustainability sector as the second least diverse out of 202 professions in the UK. Indeed, 3.1% of environment professionals identify as minorities compared to 19.9% in all occupations*. Further compounding this issue is the ‘Green Skills Gap’: the Office for National Statistics 2022 annual survey of the green economy revealed that there were still fewer people working in green sectors than there were in 2014. 

The environmental sector’s lack of diversity is to the detriment of both the people we aim to serve and the environment we want to protect. We will need to call on the diversity of humanity to address the unprecedented challenges of climate change and the biodiversity crisis. 

It is the aim of Green Jobs For Nature that we work with our partners to develop a diverse and inclusive sector that is equitable not only for those working within the sector but also those affected by the work we do. Through promoting Green Jobs for Nature we aim to become a stronger sector: stronger for the planet and stronger for society.  

* Race, inclusivity and environmental sustainability report conducted by NUS, IEMA and The Equality Trust. 

Peer Support Networks

There are networks, communities and mentoring opportunities for people of colour or people from minority ethnic backgrounds working in, studying in or looking to join the environmental sector. Examples include:

There are several initiatives from different organisations seeking to improve the sector in terms of diversity, equity and inclusion. For just a few examples, take a look at those listed on our partners page, including our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group partners.